All Original designs by HILARY S ALVARADO


01 - Prompt:

Rebrand and design a blog that feels communal and educational.​

02 - wireframes

03 - mockups

04 - final delivery

This has been one of my favorite projects to date. Although they had some ideas, this client let me work freely with an open canvas and create a really unique blog for them. The site feels alive, while the branding and aesthetic keeps it grounded.

Check it out at

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Rebrand • Ecommerce • WordPress

Rebrand • WordPress

Original Branding • WordPress

digital media

01 - Prompt:

Create a digital reading guide to be offered as a resource for an email acquisition campaign.

02 - Inspiration

03 - layout

04 - final delivery

What began as a small Word document became this a visual story to offer as a free resource that was easily downloadable to tablets and other devices. In collaboration with the writers and campaign managers, this guide was successfully used as part of an email acquisition campaign. 

See the final project here

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E-book • Digital Campaign • Click to view full

Gif • Social Media Campaign

CD + Digital Download • Cover artwork 

print media

01 - Prompt:

Design a brochure to be printed and distributed by the sales team for a new ticket sales platform.

02 - discovery

03 - Design

04 - final delivery

The goal for this project was to create a brochure that would catch the eye of anyone walking past it. Using bright colors and lively design inspired by what you might find on a high school campus, this brochure is set to help TouchdownTix disrupt the growing digital ticket sales market. 

01 - Prompt:

Design a devotional book to be printed and distributed by a non-profit.

02 - Inspiration

03 - Design

04 - final delivery

As timeless as the words it pulls from, this classically designed devotional guides the reader through a whole year in the Bible. The inspiration came from books printed in the early 20th century, stripped of excess and intentionally padded with large margins to provide space for the reader to contemplate the readings further and write their own observations. 

Final delivery of this project expected December 2023.

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CD Artwork 

Direct Mail Response Device

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